American Combat Jujitsu
American Combat Jujitsu is a system of martial arts that was developed by
Professor Tony Maynard.  This system is the culmination of over 50 years
of his training in various martial art disciplines.  Professor Maynard made a
name for himself early in the martial arts world be earning the distinct name,
"The Bear".  This name was earned in the mid 1970's when the professor
accepted the challenge of a local sideshow promoter.  He was challenged to
enter the ring against, "Victor the Wrestling Bear".  The promoter offered a
cash prize to anyone who could stay in the ring with a large black bear without
being pinned by the bear.  Professor Maynard took the challenge and much
to everyone's surprise was able to throw the 550 plus pound bear down with
a neck throw.  The promoter was not happy with the result of the match and
refused to pay the prize.  The professor did not leave with any money that
day, but has ever since carried the nickname, "The Bear".

In 1984 Professor Maynard was asked to represent the United States in
the first ever international sport Jujitsu tournament in Canada, hosted by the
World Council of Jujitsu organization.  The professor was the only
American representative and this honor would lead to him becoming a
pioneer in the sport of Jujitsu.  Over the next decade the professor would
lead the United States Jujitsu Team as coach and director.  During his
tenure he led the U.S. Team to several gold medals and championships.  
He would also be instrumental in the development of the rules and
regulations that are now utilized in both domestic and international Jujitsu
competition.  In 1980 Professor Maynard began to develop and teach his
own system of Jujitsu that he called "Combat Jujitsu".  The system was
derived and influenced by the many martial art styles the professor had
studied.  These styles include:  Goshin and Kato Ryu Jujitsu, Small Circle
Jujitsu and Judo.  The professor also combined the striking and kicking
aspects of Chito Ryu and Isshinryu Karate into  his own system.  Professor
Maynard drew from all of these systems some ideas and techniques that
helped the development of "Combat Jujitsu".  The system earned it's formal
name "American Combat Jujitsu" in 1990 when one of the professor's
students, H.P. Henry coined it's official name.  Since that day "American
Combat Jujitsu" has grown exponentially.  Students and acquaintances of
the professor teach it all over the world.  The system is never stagnate and is
constantly evolving.  It now reaches into the realm of military hand to hand
combat and police tactics.  Through all of the systems refinement and
development, the professor and the system remains true to his personal
motto, "Devastation Through Simplicity".